Tuesday, May 19, 2009

ZumFit (Monday 18th May 09)

I enjoyed instructing last night's ZumFit class and the ladies who joined last night were so lovely! It was a trial class with the exception of Christina and class proper starts on the Friday, 29th of May 09.

I hope they truely found it enjoyable as that is the best way of exercising. Without realising that I had put them through a full body workout, blasted hundreds of calories and they complete full class safe & sound.

If anyone else is interested to join my ZumFit classes, please email me at honeymeow@gmail.com and I'll send you details and a registration form.

I still have space for Friday, 815pm classes as I had just bumped my studio up to the larger studio that allows for more space & movement so book your space now. However, space is limited and registration is on a first come first serve basis. :)

A Big Shoutout of Love & Appreciation to the Following people:

Shelly - For her Blog Plug
Alexisthetiny - For her Blog Plug

UglyFatChick - For her ZumFit Class Review


Anonymous said...

looks fun!
glad you enjoyed it =D

Aka Pamela S. said...

I'm glad I enjoyed it too! :)

yun said...

interesting concept, great music and of cos someone to teach u how to shake your booty properly =0p thanks for the session pam! (why only fridays... sigh..)

uglyfatchick (Chicky) said...

gasp! My pale fat face!!!

I'm really trying not to eat that much carbs.. does cereals count as carbs?

uglyfatchick (Chicky) said...

I had fun even though I keep doing the actions wrongly, no one laugh at me..

Eh.. and it's not too "heavy" so it's really good for those who are looking for something to workout and not feel too stress.. (e.g no killer gym instructors trying to make sweating it out difficult for you). :)

Aka Pamela S. said...

Most welcome Shuyun!

And great UFC! See you at the next session! :)

Serene Chong said...

ZumFit with Pamela (or anyone really) is a fantastic as you really sweat it out! And dancing is so much fun!!! I attend other Zumba classes with Pam and whenever I can't follow or see the instructor... I follow Pam instead! And ZumFit is great for beginners too! SO hurry and join Pamela's ZumFit classes!