Sunday, May 03, 2009

Cristian Castro & David Bisbal Rocks!!

On this Sunday morning, I was reviewing my tracks that I have set out for my ZumFit classes and those tracks that I listen in on the train when I'm out and thought I'd share them with you.

This track is by Cristian Castro and is my cool down song during my classes. This is called "Despues De Ti".... Enjoy. :)

Ave Maria by David Bisbal is one of my favourite pick up songs. I love the energy of songs like this and it adds the hop to my step when I walk towards the MRT station.

And I love the energy of the people partying in the video too! My kinda party and my kind of dancing too! :) Because of the fast tempo of this track, I will only be doing this track at a much later time during the class sessions where I feel that everyone can keep up to a faster pace.

Azul by Cristian Castro is my warm up track. I totally love this merengue track! You would see me singing this track every day. Another feel good song and I absolutely feel GOOD when I hear it! :)

This is the Karaoke version of Azul where I learn my lyrics because I make it a point to know the lyrics of songs I like and so I can sing along when the song plays.. Enjoy! :)

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