Monday, May 18, 2009

Have U seen me Bootyshake?

What happened during the Zumbathon on Saturday? Whole lotta fitness dancing... alot of sweat... thankfully no blood... and maybe a little tears... *cramp lah!*

The video was very generously burned for me onto a CD by Esther *the lady on the right dancing with me* and her lovely family - her hubby who took the video and daughter who helped her burn the CD. Thank you!! I managed to capture a little via "low tech format" of recording it off my TV screen. Whahahahaah! Anyone who wants to check out the clearer version and can convert the video into little video formats that I can use to upload here is welcome to drop me at mail. Thank you!!

I find it quite annoying that I look so much fatter in low resolution than the original video so it would be great if someone can convert the video for me please!

With...A little salsa.. a little merengue...

A little bootyshaking.. a little travelling... a little combat... and a whole lotta fun...

A little Bollywood... a little Reggaetton... and alot of lost calories... together with friends at the Atrium of Novena Square Mall.

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