Thursday, May 28, 2009

Cheesy Salsa Pockets (Low Carb!)

This is my version of a Low Carb alternative to pizza in my house without its bread base. Its EXTREMELY satisfying, wholesome, full of nutrition and best of all LOW IN CARB!

You know what they always say.. choose what you eat.. you are what you eat and I say, you eat this AND LOSE WEIGHT. With a reasonable exercise plan of course!

I love it when people come to realise that low carb food options are not as boring as they think! I've heard many "YOU EAT THAT.. and STILL LOSE WEIGHT?"... with much disbelief...

Yeah!..(Looks at self.. kinda proof in the pudding ain't it?)... no?

So this is one hair raising, eyeball rolling satisfactory lunch or dinner option to have that prepares in 5 minutes, bakes in 15 mins (chicken) + 20 mins(peppers). Yeah.. we actually had goosebumps and sat there chewing in a daze..If my eyeballs could roll to the back of my head and back around... it would have... It was THAT GOOD. Seriously. Please try it!

So whats in this?

A bag of Japanese Seaweed Chicken Nuggets (Baked till crispy)
3 Large Red Capsicums (sweet red bell pepper) - Sliced in half and de-seeded.
6 Slices of Cheese
1 bottle of HOT Salsa Mix (I used Tostitos Salsa which you can find at Cold Storage)
Black/White Pepper & Italian Seasoning to taste.

Hows it done?

Bake nuggets till crispy while you prepare the peppers.

I used 3 very large red bell peppers and lined the insides of each half with a slice of cheese each. When the nuggets were baked, I cut them up into pieces and stuffed the peppers with them. Around 3.5-4 chopped up nuggets can stuff each pepper.

Covered the top layer with a spoonful of Hot Salsa and returned the raw stuffed peppers into the oven to bake for about 20 minutes till the sides started to brown, the pepper was visually softer and the cheese started to bubble.

When serving, I topped it with another spoon of fresh cold salsa as the previous scoop had baked into the crispy chicken and then seasoned to taste.

It was easy to eat as you could either cut it up with a fork or pick it up just like how you would a slice of pizza and sink your teeth into it. It was seriously very yummy and I will definitely do this again soon. Enjoy! Tell me or even better... show me how yours turned out if you make it! *slurps*

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