Sunday, May 24, 2009

"Have you tried a SOYJOY bar yet?"

It begins! Part One of Four Challenges for the SOYJOY GI Challenge 09. "Feed the Office" with Free SOYJOY bars!

SOYJOY is giving away FREE SOYJOY BARS!!

The first challenge is for all 5 bloggers to recruit AS MANY offices / schools / organisations / businesses AS POSSIBLE to receive FREE SOYJOY bars!

We will each be competing to find AS MANY workplaces to list up with us so please send me your emails to join me! Forward it to working friends, family, partners and clients! :)

So please show me your support! Email me with the above details for SOYJOY to arrange to send Free SOYJOY Bar Samples to your work place! Yes, there are reasonable limits of about a max of 40 bars per location and no, it cannot be sent to your home. The lovely SOYJOY peeps will go to your workplace and distribute the bars individually to you and your colleagues to try!

So if you're working in an MNC, I believe the distribution would be limited to those in your department. If you can, break up the registrations to different departments & person registering for that department so that your whole company can enjoy the bars together!

If you're working in an SME and don't have excessive staff counts, update me with your company headcount for me to chart in.

So don't hesitate to email me at TODAY! This challenge will run from the 25th of May 09 to 30th of May 09 ONLY!

If you want the mailer by email, let me know by email! I'll forward it up to you! Alternatively, you can click on the image above, right-click - save and use accordingly in your own email communications.

Show me some looove people.. spread the word. GREATLY GREATLY appreciate it! *Looking into my gmail account and looking forward to seeing many many more emails with your details coming in!*

THANK YOU!! Oh! And leave some comments! Not only would I love to read them but they would help support me in each challenge in terms of reader response. Winner of this challenge gets 10 points.

So if you regularly leave comments, please do. If you were shy before, now would be the time to say Hi! and leave me with something :) Talk to me!!


uglyfatchick (Chicky) said...

Free? okay! *Prepares email*

WSM said...

Sent! :) Emailed all my girlfriends too to do the same! :)

Aka Pamela S. said...

Thanks WSM! Do I know you personally? :)