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Samsung Unpacked: Jet Smartphone

On the 15th of June 2009, Samsung Unpacked introduced the new SmartPhone, the Jet. And its launch was created to simultaneously introduce the new product in 3 countries, Singapore, London and Dubai on the same day.

Having taken the coach from the Swissótel the Stamford, we were ferried to the Changi Exhibition Hall which was literally in the middle of no where... and boy! were we in for a surprise!

I was expecting a regular presentation and press conference and possibly some food and refreshments but what I was greeted with upon arrival really surprised me out of my boots.. it was really lavish and impressive! Good Job Samsung!

You can check out the corporate event video that came out the day after the event! The communications for this event worked fast! See that HERE! I was caught twice in the video but thankfully, it was a flash as I was caught stuffing my face with mushroom tarts! *Gah! Unglam!*

So we entered on a purple carpet and proceeded for registration and gave our namecards to be included in the bowl for the lucky draw. I got my tag and I was again amused, Pamela Sim - Blogger.. hahaha! Blogger.. a few years back.. never did I think I would hold such a title... much less in a social event.

And who else do I find attending the event too! My lovely blogger chicks, Diana aka Molemole and Claudia! Along with the other bloggers like DK, Hisham and several others... I love these girls!! *hugs hugs*

With waiters and waitresses serving hors d'oeuvres and refreshments of Lychee Martinis, Beer, Wines and Orange juice.. we were spoilt for choice.. I love how the martinis were purple too!

And this was my favourite hors d'oeuvre choice. The crabmeat egg roe bruchetta. I don't remember how many of these I had but I had ALOT. I love these! Love them! There were also smoked fish bruchettas, duck crepes, mushroom tarts which were excellent, scallop spoons and cream cheese bruchettas with truffles... *slurps* Enjoyed while mingling with the senior Samsung executives from around the region and Singapore and other members of the media invited for the launch.

Yeah! Thats me! .... heh! heh!... I was quite happy to be there.. *musing*

We were then ushered into the hall where we walked down a curtained area into the main auditorium where they had setup the stage together with laser lights, screen and Allan Wu as host! Nice one..

What was on highlight for the evening was the unveiling of the the Samsung Jet and with the unveiling, along came entertainment that was quite interesting along with an information session on the features of the new Jet Smart Phone.

I realise that I am not a tech. blogger and most of my readers do not come here for tech. information but I would say that for more information of the new Samsung Jet which you should really check out can be found HERE.

Check out the phones detailed features HERE. You can take an interactive quiz to get to know the Jet more too HERE. You can also go to this site and check out the accessories and specifications that come with the Jet along with free downloads to beautify your computer with for those Jet fans...

When you get your hands on one to try out or even buy, check out the back of the phone, there is a vertical red stripe design that run along the back of the phone that looks uber nice!! Its not obvious in the pictures or the video but check out the phone itself to see it! VERY NICE!!! Excellent esthethic touch Samsung.. I like!!

There was the stage launch and entertainment.. then when that was done, mainstream media and those interested were ushered into a media room where further technical questions were asked and answered while the rest moved on to a display hall where several display consoles with a couple of Jet phones were available for attendees to have a hands on feel of the phone.

I would so totally love one. It seems so easy to navigate around with and it looks oh so nice too...and with so many features that I use so regularly too! *stares at my current phone.. Pfft...* (Cough, cough.. my birthday is in two weeks....*cough* Samsung? cough... hint.. cough...)

When everyone had enough of taking pictures and playing with the phones, we were ushered upstairs where we were greeted with.. OMG.. surprise! It was a full fledged launch dinner setting! That was totally unexpected! We knew there was going to be food but we didn't expect them to pull out all the stops and really make it a function. We were all very impressed.

And the table setting was gorgeous too wasn't it? I loved it! Everything was set to purple theme too! Too Lovely....*sighs just looking at it*

With at least 30 tables and every table full and everyone gifted with a 6 course dinner.. whats not to be impressed with? Favourable impression for the Jet launch? Yes, Positive!

Some Entertainment during dinner... there was also a band and live jazz singing and a lucky draw conducted where they gave away Jet Smartphones to 10 lucky winners! Those winners were sure happy to leave with those phones! Lucky!!

It was almost like a Samsung Dinner & Dance almost with all their regional executives there. We were just in awe at the evening's ambience around us and almost frozen too as the airconditioning in the place was really first grade.. it was SO DAMN COLD!

Dinner started off with a Dill & Olive Foccacia loaf with Artichoke dip.. interesting and a little salty.. the rest of the food can be found on the menu below.

Starters of Lobster and Tomato soup....

Main course of either Beef or Fish...

And Dessert! Cake, Sorbet & Berries, Nonya Kuays and Macaroons....

And the night ended with a little more entertainment and the coach that sent us back to the hotel... the group drum act was really quite a good touch.. it was loud, dynamic and impactful...

Oh.. and we all left with a product booklet and a souvenir Jet keychain... sweet.. so there it is.. GOOD JOB SAMSUNG.. very impressive launch.. and an impressive new SmartPhone.. so again people.. go check out the phone.. its officially launched now and should be in the stores soon enough to get your hands on them...

SAMSUNG JET... Smarter than Smartphone..

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