Saturday, June 27, 2009

Mangy, Cute Cat Stuck its Tongue Out at Me!

On the way home from dance class today, I saw a cat sitting by the side of the walkway by the MRT station. I bent over to look closer and another cat came brushing past my legs and repeatedly bumped itself onto me *thus the shakey parts of the video*.

I meowed at the mangy looking kitty and while I was looking at it, realised that its stuck its tongue out and it stayed that way!

It was SOOO cute.. and it just sat there staring back at me. It smacked its lips, turned its head away and then looked back at me.. tongue still sticking out! Aiyoh!! So cute lah!!!

I love "Gong"* Cats!

*Gong = blur? Confused? Spazzed?*

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