Thursday, June 18, 2009

Come Celebrate with Me!

My Birthday is coming up in 2 weeks time on the 2nd of July. I'm conducting my ZumFit class at Orchard till 815pm on Friday, 3rd of July.

I'm looking for friends and readers who would be interested to join me for a quiet dinner somewhere near Clarke Quay together at around 9pm on Friday, 3rd of July. *cough* Dinner goes dutch aka pay your own. Then after to proceed down to Clarke Quay around 1030pm to my favourite club, Azzucar for some dancing.

Do RSVP here via comments or on FaceBook or email me at to let me know if you're coming or even if you're tentative so I know who would be joining me that evening :) Hope to see you!

And to my lovely readers, even if we haven't met yet. This night would be a great night to come meet! :) Don't be shy! Even if you feel you can't dance, come try.. :)

Someone asked if I had a wishlist, material wise and yes, I do! Here it is for fun, but if you feel that you want to get me anything other than these bc I know they're expensive or NOTHING at all, thats fine with me too.. I would be happy knowing that you remember me..

1. Red Ipod, 2. Dance Sneakers, 3. Quality Long Black Workout Pants in Medium, 4. Shopping Vouchers, 5. A Brand New Hairstyle & Highlights, 6. A New Handphone, 7. Tiffany Pendant/Bracelet, 8. Latina Fever CDs x Vol. 1/2/3 found at the CD Shop at Pacific Plaza, 9. A new Digicam and 10. A Paid Up Full Brazillian Wax Package.


sinyee said...

ill be comin along
puttin this in my calender liao

rinaz said...

Yay! Happy advanced birthday!

jo aka mooncake said...


kennysia said...

sorry i won't be in singapore then! hope you have a blast at your bday.

Nani said...

Você é muito linda!!!
1000 Beijos!!!

Aka Pamela S. said...

Hey Kenny! Thanks for leaving me a message! :)

Nani: Obrigado!