Wednesday, June 17, 2009

(ADV) Prosperity Personal - An Easy to Use Online Personal Finance Planning Tool!

Always thought managing your personal finance is a complicated and dreaded affair?

A glimpse of Wealth Manager - Simulating investment in property

Run no more because Prosperity Personal offers you an easy-to-use online personal finance planning tool. A tool that is completely free, and it enables you to understand in the blink of an eye your long-term finances. Why plan? Because uncertainty translates into stress, Prosperity Personal allows you to understand and plan your future based on proven analytical models. It gives you not only an immediate overview of your long-term finances, it also enables you to improve your future by simulating different scenarios and compare their outcomes.

Think you're financially smart? Take the Finance Challenge and stand a chance to WIN AN ASUS EEE PC from now till 30 June 2009!

I took the Challenge and, frankly I was surprised I had a score of 88% on first try then hit 100% on the 2nd try! Not bad! *patting self on back* Wahhaha! I did however, go through the quiz twice to check out the other questions and I learned quite abit just doing the quiz itself! If anything, you can really learn something with this quiz, so take 5 minutes and you'll be that much richer mentally.

Knowledge is priceless. What you do positively with that knowledge is what turns it into gold. :)

What I found pretty impressive was the online financial planner where you can input your money numbers to know where you are in terms of your financial health in its financial snapshot page and then work towards seeing what you can do to improve it! You can also view through video how this works so that you can commence using it! Check that out HERE.

If you have been putting off finding out more about what you can do about improving your financial health and planning for more long term financial goals, do it now!

Prosperity Personal is an open community where netizens gather to share their wisdom, thoughts and experiences and build confidence in personal finance in a dynamic environment.

Check it out! And perhaps win a new PC while you're at it too! :)

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