Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Zumba Fever Party!!! Video Trailer...

Oh My Gosh... I have 9 long, picture intensive posts coming up so please look out for them. I've been SO busy these past couple of weeks, the posts just keep stacking up... so if I don't get to them soon, they'll pile up so much - fall over and flatten me.. *pooof*.. meanwhile, while I work some adobe magic on my picture albums.. enjoy the Zumba Fever Party trailer from the Zumba event I attended last week!!

Rockin' Phenomenal Event I tell ya! Can you spot me in the video? *Hint - Flaming Red head*... Enjoy!!! It was an evening of wild moving with a whole clubful of people I love, friends and students and it was all Zumba Zumba Zumba!!!

And guess what!? From May 2011 onwards, I have converted several of my dance classes to ZUMBA FITNESS!! More details for that to come in the following posts...  clear your days and nights on Tues 630pm, Thurs 1030am, Thurs 730pm and Sat 230pm!! Its time to Zumba!!


Jezzebel said...

hi do you conduct lessons away from your centre? if we can organize a group of 10-12. what will the fees be like?

Aka Pamela S. said...

HI Jezzebel,

Pls email me directly at honeymeow@gmail.com to discuss.


Weight Loss said...

This post is really nice nice one. You are right dear fitness classes are much better than dance. waiting for more?