Saturday, August 15, 2009

Mom in Law 67th Birthday Celebrations

Singapore's National Day on the 9th of August shares the same day as my Mother in Law's Birthday. This year she turns 67 years old! We had lunch at our favourite Hotel... which one? Grand Mercure Roxy Hotel of course! And we had dimsum at Jia Wei Restaurant.

Food was excellent that day and I called the Marketing Manager in the morning prior to our arrival and he kindly arranged for a complimentary Birthday cake for her! It was such a lovely touch and a kind gesture to celebrate the day and a fine end of the meal!! Thanks K! And Thank you GM Roxy Hotel! :) Thoroughly appreciated!!! This hotel really knows how to take care of their guests and make them feel special.. :)

The cake came and it was an ice-cream cake! Strawberry ice-cream with a chocolate sponge base and strawberry jelly topping with fresh fruits & berries! We finished the whole cake!! It was really quite excellent. *slurps*

After lunch, we all head back home for the afternoon of our usual Mahjong game till dinner time and the National Day Parade.

And yes! We all stood and said the pledge in the pledge moment at 8:22pm on National Day! :) Did you?

In the meantime, a subdued Birthday song in the middle of Jia Wei Restaurant during lunch.


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