Thursday, August 05, 2010

Conversations with my pre-teens...

The conversations with my girls these days get interesting sometimes... *fighting the urge to either burst out laughing or start crying*

Lauren: Mommy! I'm a teenager!
Me: Nope, unless you've got a "teen" in your age, you're not a teenager yet.
Lauren: But I am! I'm 10 TEEN...


Eirian: (screaming watching me wash off hair dye) Mommy!! Your head is BLEEEDING!!
Me: Nope, its hairdye.. if u EVER see me bleeding THAT MUCH.. please call the ambulance.
Me: Do you know the number to call?
Eirian: 999?
Me: No, its 995, but even if you call 999, they'll still come. So what do you tell them?
Eirian: Hi! My name is E**, my mommy's head is bleeding.
Me: (pretending to be the dispatch on the phone) "So Little Girl, what is your address?"
Eirian: eir***** (looking at me earnestly and nodding)
Me: HAR!! ADDRESS LAA! not email address!!! (facepalm)

So I can now only assume, if I need an ambulance.. my kids will be waiting by their inbox for further instructions... -.-''....


ML said...

Older teen conversations - dangerous

medium-teen conversations - salty

tween conversations - moody

pre-tween - ah, a soft place to fall!

Sounds like you are having fun!

rinaz said...

Hahahaha! What is your adress?!