Saturday, August 14, 2010

Acting: Tai Tai Aspirations...

Tai Tai Aspirations... thats what most of us women want perhaps?.. to be a lady of leisure.. yesterday for a non-stop 9 hours film shoot in town. I played a shopping taitai.. outfit chosen? Well out of the 9 outfits I brought and 3 pairs of shoes. *Yes, it was heavy as hell*... The director chose my pink smocked top, blue jeans and boots that went along with a "beehive" hairstyle and some really deep *blue smokey* eyeshadow makeup... and a pashmina shawl, gold diamante watch (makeup artists own) and Gucci bag. (not my bag :( but it was a nice one!)

Another acting stint that goes into my portfolio once more... this one was a corporate training video for ION Orchard... so anyone who works for ION in the future will get to see this video with all its protocols and training guides... let me know if you saw me! :)

In the meantime, it was interesting acting as a tai tai for a day with very capable "service providers" available at the mall at my beck and call during my "shopping" experience at ION. My fellow cast members were great too.. above was my "concierge aka personal shopping assistant for the day" - She was great and really funny too .... I felt the casting for this shoot was quite accurate too. Everyone fit into their roles - esthetically and skills wise right how it should be. Good job all! Till we meet again.. :)

PS: Did you know that ION Orchard had a "Private Room" thats available for VIPs to use with a state of the art toilet bowl *with alot of techy buttons to fiddle around with*, an avant garde classy single person lounge resting area and a wash area filled with Kheils products? If you ever get to use that room, you must really be someone special.... :)... Private room anyone?

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