Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Cam-lovin' Moments...

What do you get when put a blogging mommy & her daughter and a cameraphone together?

A Cam-lovin *as opposed to cam-whoring bc it sounds much nicer* picture on the way back from school!

Lauren finds it an annoying chore to take photographs so this shot was a rare capture that she was willing to take.

Me: "Lauren! Look to the tree there and look like you're err..... wondering what to eat for dinner!"
Lauren: "Okay Mommy!" *pose*
Me: *clicks camera phone & looks at picture*
Me: "Wah lau eh.. why do you look like you're in pain har?" *close phone* -.-''
Lauren: *shrug & continues walking*

And before the day ends... I take one more.. just for fun... :) Welcome people... to Dreaming Reality... enjoy your stay here and come back for more.... *smiles*

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