Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Weightloss Update: 72kg!

I love it when I'm not on a plateau. The weight just keeps on melting. I'm mentally prepared to hit one at 71-72kg though bc its already been 3kg down since my last plateau. Nonetheless, I'm very pleased with the progress so far. :)

Today's weigh in after dance class: 72kg.

Total accumulative loss to date: 28kg from Sept. 07.
Total remaining: 17kg to go to hit 55kg.
Next aim: To reach 65kg by end October 08.

And something very amusing happened today.

I made a guy slam into a wall!

What happened? I was on my way home from class, feeling quite good. Having a pretty good hair day. Grooving to some new tunes with my headphones and had on my favourite shades and in a short white halter tube dress.

I noticed this young man walking down the stairs at my block, and noted that he did a double take and started gawking. *pretend to ignore* He turned left to go on his way while still facing me and didn't stop staring and then I heard a BAM!!! *Yes, it was loud enough to hear through my blasting music! Imagine that!* I turned to look and realised......

His face got plastered against the wall. *Hahahahaha!*

Luckily for me, my lift door opened up right at that time and I did what I was trying hard to resist. I burst out laughing and ran in. Must have been so Damn Embarassing for him can!!! Hahahahahahaahahaaa!!!

Anyway... am pleased with todays' weigh in.. off to finish the Chili Rojak my mother in law bought for me. Yummy!! Heh heh heh!! CARBS!!

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