Thursday, October 02, 2008

The Difference between Nenepok & Boobies

I overheard giggling amongst my girls after their shower today so I stood around the corner near where they were to evesdrop and peek to see what was going on.

Apparently the topic was breasts. What I overheard was quite amusing. It went something like this...

Eirian: "Jiejie! wear your tshirt! I can see your nenepok! Heee heee heee"

Lauren: "You also lah! I can see your nenepok too! *point point* Heee heee heee"

Eirian: "Wait you don't wear your shirt and become fatter and then you have boobies then you know ah... heee heee heee"

Lauren: "Noooo! Only Mommy have boobies! We have nenepoks. Haar haaar haar!"

Eirian: "Yah yah yah! Adults have big ones called boobies. Children like us small small have nenepoks! Haar haaar haaar!"

Lauren: "Yahh!! yahhh!! *nodding in agreement* Haar haaaar haaar!!"

Both burst out laughing and rolled about their bed. -.-'' Kids do say the darndest things. And I think I have to start re-educating them on the names of body parts again soon. Nenepoks & Boobies anyone?


Jade said...

LOL! This post really makes me laugh and think of younger days!

Aka Pamela S. said...

Yeah. The days when breasts are not called TITS but Nenepoks. Penises are not called cocks but kuku. And Buttocks are not called Arse but Butts/backsides.