Thursday, October 02, 2008

Warning: Be prepared to Cry

Original Artist: Luther Vandross.
Song: Dance with my Father

When I heard this song just a while ago, I was enthralled. It caught my attention and I listened more and then before I knew it.. my tears would not stop falling and they still fall in a constant stream even while writing this now with the music in the background. I've put the original song in my playlist so scroll through the songs in my player and check it out if you want.

Its not the video, its the words and how everytime a song like this touches my heart deeply. With any daughter, my daddy will always have a special place my heart. My father is still alive of course. But it just makes me miss him. He's a man of few words and we don't talk much. I'm going to sms him in a while just to say I love you. Before its ever too late.

I love you Daddy.
Even if I don't say it alot. I do.

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