Monday, October 13, 2008

BodyJam: The Next Big Thing!

California Fitness Group GX is now training up a group of instructors with some master instructors from other countries to lead up a new Les Mills class called BodyJam and its slated to be the next Big thing to hit the gym class schedule when its launched in probably 2-3 months time.

I still want to pursue the Zumba course as mentioned before but I hope by then BodyJam doesn't override Zumba in terms of intruige and interest levels! I love Zumba and I love the music and I love the moves and I love my dance instructors but people must WANT to come to Zumba class so that it doesn't die off!

I've gotten a taste of the choreography that's in the upcoming BodyJam classes and I like it already. I'm sure that I will be including this in my up & coming 2009 regime and I'm mentally trying to rehearse the choreography to what has been given so far as the class is a completely choreographed class which means there is very minimal freestyle.

This being said, once you get the choreography down pat, you can start to making it LOOK GOOD. Which is what I intend to do. I'm already penning down David and Ayesha's pending BodyJam class to fit into my regime as I know it would be great. Ayesha ran through the point snap routine with me after class today and she was surprised I knew the basic starting steps. "Hey! How did u know that set?" Oh... David had already intro-ed it in class! Hur hur hur...

Why is it that Rashidah didn't take the training this time, I want to know as she's one SUBERB dancer and she could very well make BodyJam really spectacular. Eh babe! Why arh? For now, I'll concentrate on what I can do with Zumba and wait for Rashidah's go ahead to when the instructor's course will be up next. **

Like what they say, its "Like the spanish inquisition but with a hip hop soundtrack". I'm all for having hiphop and latin fusion. Thats what Zumba is about too right?

What is it? BODYJAM™ is the cardio workout where you are free to enjoy the sensation of dance. An addictive fusion of the latest dance moves and hottest new sounds puts the emphasis as much on having fun as breaking a sweat. Check out the intro video on the BodyJam Site.

There is new music and choreography released every 3 months and BodyJam is now on BodyJam 46. Its been around for awhile but we're only having it now but at least its current. I might assume however that by the time, Cfit launches, we might be in BodyJam 47.

Basic Key Moves and Demo can be found HERE. Check that out dance people! I've reviewed these moves several times and realise that David has already used all of these during his Rumba class.

We just did the point snap combo on Friday and now I know, David actually started incorporating the moves in his Rumba class ALREADY! No wonder the choreo was different that day! I'll be practicing these moves more these couple of weeks. When it launches, I will be ready and in good timing.

I'm pretty sure if I can follow David's class routine as well as I do now bc he's really GILA! *crazy* that I can attempt BodyJam. It might take a little while but I can try. D. has no fixed structure to his class so his class really depends on his mood. So its BodyJam time! And I know several dance mates are getting as excited as I am. You guys & gals know who you are! Why are you reading this! Go rehearse the basic key moves I linked up there! And, Rash, I think I need to get started on Street 101.

I'm all excited. Aren't you? Will you be joining me for this class?

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