Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Fish Porridge w/ Mixed Dishes

Tonights' dinner I didn't cook. My mother in law made fish porridge with REALLY BIG pieces of fish and made a whole pot of really soft & tasty porridge. Very smooth on the throat comfort food that everyone in my family loves.

I topped it with pepper & chili oil to give it an extra hot kick. And we bought vegetables & meat from the cooked food stall. The guys downstairs always give me ALOT of food for just $2 per selection selection that I order so now I'm literally the appointed purchaser from that stall. -.-''

Soyasauce Pork with onions & dried chili, Taugay aka Beansprouts with sliced chili, Chai Sim with sliced carrots and Spicy sweet garlic Brinjal aka eggplant. All of which were VERY VERY good! Must be the MSG... hahaha..

Everything together with hot piping porridge went very well! Yes, I had a small bowl of porridge too. Dinner was good. I hope you had a good one too. :)

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