Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Weightloss Update: 70kg!

HOLY COW!! Today's weigh-in is FANTABULOUS!! Last weigh in last week can be found HERE.

Weighing in at 70kg!!

I have now hit the 30kg weight loss mark!! Thats practically shedding a pre-schooler off my body! Another 15kg to go & I'm HOME FREE!!

Can you freaking believe that? I couldn't. I stepped on and off the scale SO MANY FREAKING TIMES and exclaiming "OH SHIT OH SHIT! YAYYYYYYYY!!!" I'm almost dizzy.

*screams*. (Chanting "I wanna break 70! I wanna break 70! I wanna break 70!!") *doing the happy pammy spastic dance*

But then again.. I've been having double classes daily this week since Monday. The amount of activity level I've put in this past 3 days are exquivalent to a normal persons' one week workout!
BUT YAY still!!!!!! *3 cheers* Next stop!.. 69kg baby yea!!


Anonymous said...

but dun get thinner than me pls.. thank you.


Aka Pamela S. said...

Wah Sin!! How can like that one?!?! Hhahaa u should be cheering me to GET SMALLER THAN U WHAT?!?!?

lol... Anyway.. once I hit 55kg.. at this rate.. I might look like I'm in the 48-50 range so as long u're under 50kg.

U'll be fine.. and WATCH OUT HAHAHA.. I'm going to catch up. :)