Monday, October 13, 2008

Look Younger by Losing Weight

I took a photo of my hubby, CJ when he came back from teaching the other evening and I was musing at how boyish he seemed at his current age of 37 this year.

Being fat really does make you look alot older than you really are. I would even assume that I didn't even look like I was in my 20s in this shot because I was! And CJ looked like such an Ah Lao Pek aka Old Uncle.

So the 2 lower photos shows a now, 30 year old me, 100kg vs 70kg and a 37 year old CJ, 115kg vs 85kg. Both a difference of 30kg each from Sept 2007 to current 2008 and some youth regained together with it.

So if you're feeling like you're looking old and you're out of shape/overweight/obese, do something about it and you'll start looking younger in the process. :)

Whats the secret? Stop stuffing your face and exercise!


Ben said...

can't agree more.

Losing weight does make us younger.. and healthier.. and happier.. :)

hyperX said...

Well, based on my experience, being slimmer is not necessary will look younger. Most important thing is to be healthy, if you look healthy and energetic, you'll definitely looks younger.

Aka Pamela S. said...

Ben: Yes it does. :)

Hyperx: Yes, thats true too. No use being slim and haggard and sickly. Looking healthy & toned would be the best way to go :)