Friday, October 03, 2008

Frozen Orange Slices!

There is a mini pasar malam in my area that started this evening for the weekend. After school, my girls and I grazed the food area for dinner and stuffed ourselves silly with chicken wings, fish fillets, pepper chicken, takoyaki, otaks, curry puffs and fresh coconut juice!

I love pasar malams*! *night markets*

We headed home after all that gluttony and I had a treat in the fridge!

Frozen Orange Slices! YAY!! We love oranges!

I threw the oranges in the freezer before I went to pick them up so they were partially frozen & not too hard that they couldn't be bitten into.

I sliced up 10 oranges and we had a great time chomping into them after all that oily food. Always good to have a serving or two or more of fruits each day. :) Have you had your vegetables and fruits today?

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