Saturday, October 11, 2008

Welcome Baby Noah!

Don't you just love babies?! They smell SO GOOD!! See him yawn? So cute!!!

My oldest *frm Primary sch* girlfriend Phoebe gave birth on the 8th of October, 630pm at Thomson Medical Hospital to her first son, Noah Chong.

Phoebe and I go waaaaaaay back from all the way to primary 3 till now. I remember her visiting me when I delivered my children and its come full circle when I visited her at the hospital today. Its really heartwarming to see my oldest friend finally become a mother to such a beautiful boy. *tears welling up - sniff sniff*

I know there will be questions to me as to since I love babies & their smell so much, if I would be having more children and the answer is.....

NO. But I leave the possibility of having a 3rd child open to a chance where if it happens then it happens but if it doesn't. I'm not purposely going out to make another one if possible. I'm very happy with my 2 girls and for selfish reasons. I like my independance, body, sleep & sanity now. So.. NO.. NO more children for me. :) Thank you.

For now, I'm quite happy to be Aunty Pam... to all of my friends/relatives/sisters? kids and help carry them in my arms to savour that soft sweet baby aroma that emenates from their head. And not poop/vomit/pee kinds of smells okay!!

Congratulations sweetie Phoebe!! I love you. May you succeed in breastfeeding Noah for months and months to come and that both of you be happy, healthy and loving always. :) *love love*


Prettymask said...

hey gal thanks! Noah and me are doing well!!! ;) love ya too!

Prettymask said...

Thank you aunty Pammy for visiting me and mummy!~Noah