Thursday, October 09, 2008

OMG. Do you sing like her?

*Watch at your own peril and with speakers put on loud please*

For those who still don't really READ my sidebar. YOU CAN PAUSE MY BLOG MUSIC by clicking on the top right corner of my music player if you want to watch a video on my post.

I came across this video from a blog I now regularly read and I was extremely tickled and had to post it up here for all posterity. Wow.. she's really such a "great" singer. Wow.. I'm so impressed. Hhahahaa! Do you sing like her? Oh...*gush* Look at that expression! Tone of voice! Wow! *mouth gaping*

Unbelievable but Undeniably Courageous. Oh... and I'm sorry if this traumatised you as much as it has me. HAHAHA!

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