Saturday, October 25, 2008

Working out so Hard till you Wheeze...

Today was such an amazing workout day! One of the best class combination I've had in weeks! Months even! My schedule is going to go haywire once my dance instructor David leaves SG for 3 weeks as his classes will be replaced by other instructors & other classes. BAH!! So not looking forward to that.

I usually don't write or toot about my class regimes but it was such a good day, I have to record it so that I can replicate it again someday. You would think that as you go from class to class that you would lose steam but I've found my stamina strangely amazing too! Full On for ALL 3 classes! Coolness!

Why was it so good? Well firstly, I joined 2 great instructors, Ayesha & Daniel in the morning at Novena for a Zumba class at 1010am. Ban Ban aka Daniel invited me to join him on stage to do a few numbers with him. He knows I loooove doing that lah! Haha BanBan, you humour me lah! *hugs* And he played alot of my favourite songs! I think why I liked it too is because his style is very similar to Rashidah and everyone knows how much I adore Rashidahs' Zumba class *love love*

There was one reggaetton song by Winsin Y Yandel named "Pam Pam"... how apt right? And yep we did that track together on stage after he dedicated it to me...awww SO SWEET!!.. And strangely, we were so outfit coordinated BY CHANCE! Both in a black fitted tank top/black bottom and in a WHITE CAP! People would have thought we coordinated it to make it look like that just because we were doing some stage tracks together but it was really co-incidence!

And we did a Soca track by The Soca Boys named "Follow the leader" too! If you know fun dance music, this track is DAMN FUN CAN!! I found this video which is damn funny lah!! Of course we move to this with some dance moves and jump/wave when needed. Is a very fun track.. I'm definitely using this track if & when I instruct Zumba next time...

And we even warmed down with No Me Ames by J. Lo which is one of my blogsongs here. And I know all the lyrics to that song too! Love it lah! *muse muse*

Ayesha too had real fun moves. I loved the energy of the class. I really enjoyed it. I'm looking forward to taking Saturday morning classes with Ayesha. I'll try to slot that in if I can esp. since David will be heading out of town after next week and his 1.20pm Sat class would be busted since he's not around.

I then head down to Orchard and at 120pm, I took Rumba class with David and I was VERY very pleased to note that he decided to make it Reggaetton day. Completely reggaetton.. DAMN COOL CAN!!

What is Reggaetton? Check out my previous post on this HERE.

I just asked him yesterday when he would be doing a reggaetton class and HE DID it today!! Aiyohh!! It was SOO high intensity, I was gasping after each set and the tunes just got faster and faster that I had to scream intermittently just to keep going. Damn good lah!!! I really enjoyed that so much. I was so high after that class... I moved on to my next one of the day... I would assume that most of the people would have "died" after the class. But I was still feeling pretty good!

The only DUH thing that happened today was that I absentmindedly LOCKED MY LOCKER KEY into my locker and LOCKED THE LOCKER. I threw the key with my hair band into the locker and closed it and the split second before my fingers snapped the lock shut, I realised "my key is inside! FUCK!!!" *click lock close*


And I was standing there naked in a small white towel. Fuck again... I gingerly pranced about the locker room to look for a dance mate I knew and asked her to go to the front desk to get the attendant to CUT MY LOCK *wails*. They cut it and NOW, I need to get a new lock. Thank God, however my friend Carol lent me her lock so that I could go to my next session. Thank you Carol! You're the sweetest! *hugs*

I then moved to Bugis to take a 350pm Tae-Bo class with David. I was still reeling from the reggaetton session and was feeling quite good. Got changed up into my 2nd set of workout gear - cannot wear the same one the whole time! All dripping wet liao! And BOY was I in for a crazy session! I'm going again tomorrow! Hey friends and dance buddies reading this, you HAVE to join me for this... Its SOO good! hahahhaahaha! He should make this class a permanent insertion into the weekly schedules. CONFIRM LOSE WEIGHT ONE!! Hahahhaa!!!

What is Tae-Bo? You can check out a warm-up video of his class HERE. Its similar to Body Combat BUT HARDER because it focuses more on techniques and completing a full move instead of half moves. Ie a complete front jab with ur arm completely stretched instead of just a half choreography move. What you see in the video is just warm up. When it gets down to class proper, we're jabbing, upper cutting, kicking, knee-ing and jumping like mad monkeys...Whoot!

It was SOOO FREAKING HIGH INTENSITY... it hit at least 80-85% intensity for most of the class! I was flinging sweat everywhere! It was SO GOOD! Gasping would not even be the word, I was literally wheezing through the last 15 minutes as I refused to drop intensity and get lazy. If I was going to do a class, I'll do it well ALL THE WAY. He ran non stop tracks and as usual the music was amazing. I had to be vocal for this class too so that I could complete the move without crashing to the ground. "Urgh!! Arrghh!! Whooot!! Urgh!! Aarrghh!! Whooooooott! Hai! Hai! Hai! Ooofffff!!! Aaaffff!!!" Yeah... that noisy one was ME if u were in the class.

*musing and wondering why I'm still so alert right now and not crashing into bed yet* It was SUCH A GOOD WORKOUT DAY!! I feel so satisfied and pleased. I know its hard to replicate this day bc firstly, the Zumba Joint class is a one off thing, it was the first time David did a COMPLETE reggaetton class and Tae Bo isn't fixed on the schedule yet but I hope this schedule gets fixed with this combo again someday soon. Love today. Love it!

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