Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Big Toe Phenomenon

Imagine this scenario.

You're dressed to go out and just before you step out of the door, you suddenly have this urgent need to pee/shit so you go to the bathroom.

Finish the deed and get washed or wiped and take your underwear or boxers or panties... whatever u wear to cover your crotch and you fling it open to open up the leg holes and lift your leg in preparation to wear the article.

With your leg up in the air, you attempt to step into your undergarment, only to have your big toe snatch itself onto either right in the middle of the crotch area of your underwear or by the side like some kind of magnet and your leg comes uncontrollably crashing down as you lose balance.

In your mind, you're going "Oh shit, shit shit! please let the floor be dry! please let the floor be dry!" and "Oh F**K!! I'm falling!! Aaaarrghh!!!!!". But of course, yes, you're falling off balance but the floor where you're standing just happens to have the biggest damn puddle of water in the whole bathroom!

Great. Just great. -.-''

So there you are, in that split second of horror while visions of whatever horrible things can happen in your mind happens, with a leg that feels like a ton and then....

"PLLLSSSHHH!!" Your freaking foot lands and pins your DRY underwear onto the wet ground.


You then in frustration lift your leg to remove the offending wet article of clothing while cursing your non-agile-ness of the situation. Wet already how to wear har?!

Grab a new underwear if possible and now, on dry floor, GINGERLY ensuring that the leg hole is wide enough so that your toes won't decide again to "kiap" your underwear to the ground and finally step in successfully.

This my friends, is what I call The Big Toe Phenomenon and I'm pretty sure it happens to alot of people bc I've checked! Very not graceful one lah! Tak Glam lah! Like that also can?!

This scenario not necessarily has to be when you're on your way out. It can happen anywhere as long you're trying to step into an article of clothing. Ie dressing room/public toilet... whatever... and sometimes this applies to shorts or pants too. Not just underwear.

Has it ever happened to you?


Irene said...

Pam, you're back!

OMG, you look HOT HOT HOT!

And yes, big toe has happened to me. Thankfully in the comfort of my own home and not at a club. Can you imagine if you had to ditch the panties? Muahahaha.

I'm getting me a cup of tea and then catching up on your blog :)

Aka Pamela S. said...

Hi Irene!

I'm back? I've always been here? LOL...

And I hate ditching the panties esp when I specially chose certain ones to wear for the day.

Thanks for coming back to my blog :) Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

hahahaha...and I thought I was the only one with BIG toes! This totally cracked me up! =D -fitti

Aka Pamela S. said...

Hey Fitti! Nice seeing you here again. Thanks for leaving a message :)