Saturday, October 04, 2008

Simply Musing...

For the past couple of weeks, I've gotten to know quite a good number of new people through dance class or out of studio at the gym floor. And I'm revelling and musing in the SAME shocked look on their face everytime each of them first talk to me.

The realisation that I'm NOT a swinging mid 20 something single girl which they ALL ASSUMED I was but a married in her 30s woman with TWO school-going children.

I would literally have to pull out my phone just to prove that I have kids by flashing my daughters photos and then there would be "oooohhhs, ahhhhs" and "you've maintained yourself well" but little did they know that maintenance like this only came recently literally through blood, alot of sweat and tears.

And in a sense, it makes me feel very justified and encouraged in the effort that I have made to take up the challenge to lose all weight to "regain" the youth that comes with looking healthier.

Indeed, when you're fat, you tend to look older. With much appreciation to everyone who has helped along the way like my hubby, CJ and my dance instructors, Rashidah & David which have given me guidance and motivation to keep on going. I still have 17kg more to go before I hit 55kg but I'll be monitoring myself along the way and record my journey here in this blog.

Reactions like these feel like a reward to those years of bringing up 2 babies on my own when I was in my early 20s and looking like I'm over 35 years old during those years. Much less having a very undesirable body that was a total disgrace for someone in their 20s. So feeling rejuvenated in my 30s and being mistaken for my 20s is all sitting very well with me now.

I hope this also serves as motivation to those on their own journey right now to work towards achieving their goals and find that along the way, your efforts will provide you with the sense of achievement and provide you the satisfaction that would keep you going towards maintaining healthy lifestyle. If I can do it, so can you.

Even now, no one believes that I'm still 72kg thereabouts. My girlfriend Jo. made a point which I thought was highly amusing and actually makes quite alot of sense! I mentioned this to some dance mates and they agreed that her theory might actually be correct! Hahaha!

She said: "Your boobs are around 5kg. So you're actually a 67kg sized woman with a 5kg chest"

What do you think? I think.. she might be right. :)


sinyee said...

hey pam..
never got ard to telling u this myself cuz we're alwiz busy gossiping & bitching ard...

Here's to one of the most determined woman I have ever known!!!

Toast and cheers!!!!

sinyee said...

you are one of the most determined and optimistic woman i've ever come across..

Jia you and keep up ur spirit!!!

y do u think i lurve u so much???


Aka Pamela S. said...

Sin: Waaaaaaaaaaaahhh!! I'm so touched and honoured. Thank you. I like you too! Haha :)