Monday, October 06, 2008

I heart Reggaetton!

Anyone who has been to dance class with me knows that I'm a BIG reggaetton fan. BIG!! And everyone knows I love moving like this. I love the beat and I really can move naturally well to it too. And we have used this set in class last week I think. Damn freaking good for cardio! And I couldn't resist it. I had to try this video out. Easy peasy and SO FUN!

When they ask me how I do it.. I also don't know.. natural inclination perhaps attributed to the fact that I'm part spanish filipina by blood that has something to do with being able to move easier?

You've got to admit though, spanish filipinas DO sing and dance well. :) Too bad I can't sing. WTF happened there Ma?! Hahah!

And I found this video replicates very closely to what we do on some sets at Rumba and you will see why I'm enjoying dance so much. This video is also so funny, one moment all singing then the next they're breaking out in dance! I would love to gather a group of my dance mates and do something like this.

When the complete reggaetton only class comes out on schedule *which my dance instructor, David claims he will start one day*, I'm so definitely there. I LOVE REGGAETTON!! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!! *SCREAMS* LOVE IT!!

And I think my body is built just for this kinda dance too. I've got the shakey shakey booty shakin' ass, my arms are long, I've got the body shaking down pat thanks to Rashidah's guidance and constant practice and my hips are practically detached from my torso in class anyway.

And I know when people say they love my dancing, its very likely they were checking me out when we were doing the reggaetton sets. I LOVE REGGAETTON! Whooot!!!

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