Thursday, October 09, 2008

If ur Ass can Break a Toilet Seat - You're TOO FAT!

There was a curious topic on my parenting board of how women, these days, don't seem to know how to pee properly and end up "spraying all over the toilet seat & the floor" probably bc they SQUAT ON public toilet seats. Leaving behind undesirable dirty shoe marks on the seats and pee or menstrual blood splattered over the floor. GROSS!!!

I think the best way to use a public toilet is just to horse stance above them and hover and get it over with as quickly as possible without ANY contact with the seat & bowl. Only if the toilet is hotel/gym/airport standard of cleanliness then I would gingerly attempt to make skin contact with the seat after furiously wiping it down and wasting bales of tissue before I even sit down.

But this topic reminds me of a time early last year where the unthinkable actually happened. I could not believe it myself and never thought in a million years that it would happen to me. But it did. And I was amazed.

I broke a toilet seat.

Just by sitting on it.

With my 100kg body.

Perhaps the seat was already not in the greatest condition but I heard a loud "PIAK!!" and I quickly stood up and I saw that the seat had cracked.

And what happened after... Lauren who was in the same loo with me........

....BURST OUT LAUGHING. *smacks her - Shhhhh!!!*

I was horrified, amused, confused and appalled all at the same time. WTF! Like that also can har?!

As much as I make it a joke each time I relate the incident, the shock of what happened actually really hurt me. *Not physically but emotionally / psychologically larh* I have shed a good amount of tears thinking at how unbelievable it was.

Was I so big that I could BREAK A TOILET SEAT? OH.. AND IT WAS A PORCELAIN SEAT HOR!! Not plastic. -.-'' *faints*

Indeed, I was too fat as you can see above... in my size 40 jeans. Click on this to see how that pair of jeans looks like NOW. (Oh and don't ask me why I'm posing like that.. maybe I was doing some demo?) so when people ask me, what made you want to lose so much weight? I'd say, I was too fat. Anyone at 100kg or near there must decide to embark on a healthier lifestyle for their own sake.

Or at whatever size you are unhappy with. Just don't get obsessed over weightloss if you're already almost bone thin. Think more of toning.. not weightloss. Ie. those in the weight range of 46-56kg. On average, this size is your standard healthy weight range. Just tone!

Is there a secret to losing weight? Well I tell you more HERE.

The toilet seat thing was not the reason why I decided to cut the flab but it sure helps to look back and swear that.... I'm never breaking another toilet seat again. EVER.

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