Tuesday, October 07, 2008

My Galfriends Love Me and I Know it Because...

They know exactly what I like, in the colours that suit me taking into account the cutting, material, style and size that I wear without me needing to remind them of these details and they select great stuff for me! I love my galfriends lah! I can feel the love lah girls! I love ya'll too!!

Shelly passed me that white halter dress you see in a couple posts back, yes, the one that made the guy slam into the wall dress. And she passed me a pair of smashing looking jeans *not in picture* that looks FAB on my ass. And this Outfitter Girls halter top that I wore today for my lunch appointment with my galfriend Kay.

It was gorgeous and I had my daughter, Lauren take a couple of shots for me in them with my going to drop off my ass size 35 jeans *need to get some size 32-33 pants soon!*

A straight up sweety shot, a bitch with an attitude shot and a I'm just passing through Oh Hello! Shot.. hahhaha!

Love the top lah babe.. THANK YOU! *hugs hugs hugs*

And my galfriend, Kay had a surprise for me during lunch too! And it was perfect timing! My sandals recently broke and I was intending to get some new ones asap and she surprised me with this!

Sandals specially ordered from Australia which her fiance purchased specifically upon her request and couriered them into Singapore just for me!!!

Wahhh!!! I'm so touched!!! *sniff wipe tear sniff*

Rubi Shoes...*ahem* sorry.. Rubi Sandals and bc its in black, it matches perfectly with alot of what I wear regularly! I loved it when I saw it already.

Slipped them on once I reached home and prodded about the house gleefully. So comfortable!! I'll be wearing them to death! Thank you Kay!!! *hugs hugs hugs*

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