Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Egg Toast with Cheese

Made Egg Toast with Cheese after checking out some open face sandwich pictures over at my usual parenting forum. I used to make this sandwich alot some months back and I saw that it was revived again lately and it triggered a craving.

How do you make it?

Cut a hole or square in one of your sliced bread pieces. Butter all the sides of your bread.

Either line the outer crust area of the base bread with cheese slices so that it seals the sides and prevents the egg white from leaking out of the sides.

Or place both bread slices together and lay a square slice of cheese OVER the hole on the top slice and crack your egg onto the cheese groove.

I usually scoop in the yolk first and slowly pour in the whites as there usually are too much egg white to fit into the hole as we like buying large eggs.

Season w/ salt, pepper and italian seasoning and slide into the toaster for 5 minutes on medium heat to cook the egg and a final 1-2 minutes to toast the top of the bread. Once eggs are set, serve & enjoy!!

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