Thursday, October 02, 2008

Cheesy Burger w/ Caramelised Onions & Corn

I made burgers today! I love homemade burgers because we can control the amount of meat patty that we put in each burger and of course, the more - the better of course! I love fat juicy meat patties!

So thats lunch today and dinner too!

Cheesy Burger w/ Caramelised Onions & Corn

Whats in this? A toasted buttered bun with a layer of mayonnaise and cheese salsa. A serving of fresh crispy lettuce, red tomato slices, hamburger patties and topped with caramelised onions.

How do you make the meat patties? I'll put my version here but you can substitute the meat for minced chicken or minced beef or a combo. if you prefer. I used pork. I would suggest however adding a little bit of dark soya sauce if you're using minced chicken to add to the colour - chicken tends to cook white.

800gms minced pork with a little fat. *Makes 16 small burger patties*

Seasoned with the following:

2 whole small eggs *which works as a binder to bind the meat together while cooking*
A generous amount of white pepper - around 10 swishes?
A generous amount of black pepper - around 10 swishes too.
5 swishes of paprika powder
5 swishes of italian seasoning *can be bought at the supermarket*
2 teaspoons of salt
2 red onions *minced finely*

Blend well and deep fry molded patties in hot oil. You can form the patties in your hand as you go along and slide them into the oil to cook - takes about 2 minutes for each side to cook but monitor your own patties and take them out of the oil when they turn golden brown on both sides.

When all the patties are cooked, take 5 sliced onions *prefereably sliced as rings* and throw them into the burger oil and cook till onions turn soft. The left over seasoning & brown cooked bits thats left in the oil from the burger frying earlier will season the onions and make them tasty.

In the meantime, boil your corn on the cob. Takes maybe 15-20 minutes to boil till soft. You can leave them in the water till you need them.

When done, assemble your vegetables, bread and put everything together and top with the caramelised onions & serve! YUMMILCIOUS!!

Low Carb Alternative: Skip the bread and wrap your burger & onions in a wide roll of lettuce.

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