Saturday, October 18, 2008

Fish & Prawn Curry w/ Roasted Garlic Toast

After a very long 13.5 hour sleep from yesterday evening from 2 days of very tiring roadshows, I woke up very hungry today and decided after buying breakfast that I would make Fish & Prawn Curry so I did! When it was all done which was really simple too, I was highly satisfied with the outcome.

I take any reason to make my Roasted Garlic Toast so I made that too! Yummy!

So how do we make today's dish? Lets see....

About $10 of fish *I chose batang fish and had the fishmonger cut them into large cubes, I don't like Fishhead bc its all bones and I'm not a fish eyeball fan, I rather have fish MEAT*
$5 of prawns *deshelled & butterflied*
4 red onions *quartered*
10 large ladies fingers *sliced*
3 large tomatoes *sliced*
1 large eggplant aka brinjal *irregularly sliced*
1 cup boiled water

1 pack of Fish & Prawn Paste
*I use A1 brand*
1 small pack of coconut milk
1 small pack of mixed spices *I see mustard seeds, cumin and some other spices. Picture shown below for your reference*

Heat the pan with some oil and fry the eggplant till they're half cooked aka they're somewhat soft on the outside but not fully cooked through.

Remove from heat & throw in dry spices as above and dry fry for about 2 minutes then put in curry paste & onions. Stir about till fragrant.

Add tomatoes, stir. Add fish/prawns/prawn heads & cooked eggplant. Stir about, add coconut milk and keep stirring as it boils. Add water to desired gravy consistency.

Throw in ladies fingers, stir about and leave to simmer for 3-5 minutes. Cover the pot while curry is still boiling and turn off the fire to let it cook it its own heat till ready to serve.

Some people have been asking what it means to roast your own garlic and how I do it. I made Roast Garlic Toast the last time I made Chicken Curry. The recipe to that can be found HERE.

To make the roasted garlic butter, slice the tops off your garlic cloves as seen above and put them on foil. Season the tops with Salt, White Pepper, Paprika, Black Pepper, Italian Seasoning, Olive Oil. Recipe for this can be found with the chicken curry recipe above.

Toast the garlic for about 10 minutes till the sides tops are a dark golden brown. Turn the cooked cloves upside down and press down the middle section with a fork and the soft roasted garlic gloves will pop out the sides.

Mash up, season more if necessary and add butter & 1 teaspoon of granulated sugar. Use as garlic butter paste for french loaf or normal sliced bread. Very nice!! Enjoy. :)

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