Monday, October 27, 2008

Happy Deepavali Everyone!

Here's wishing all my Hindu readers and non-Hindu friends & readers a.....
Very very Happy Deepavali!

May you be blessed with love, luck and happiness for the rest of the year.... :)

I wore a bindi today at class as seen above. Ruri, one of the instructors passed me a pack of Bindi stick ons and I donned a lovely dark pink one today in occasion of todays' public holiday.

Zumba class this morning was Bollywood inspired. Majority of the songs were Banghra or Latin inspired Banghra which was pretty fun! The moves too... very true to theme. There was a little belly dance and I have a bellydance coin sash so I wore that too! Finally, my sash can see the light of day and not sit in its plastic bag waiting to be worn and wear it I did!

For both Zumba and Rumba class today! *ching ching ching ching!* I think I shook too vigorously that some of the beads of my coin sash actually CAME OFF after Rumba!! *wails*.... lousy larh!

Anyway, we took some pictures in our get-up for today but its in another members' camera so I'm waiting for him to upload it to his Facebook so that I can grab them and post them here!

So in the meantime while I wait for todays' shots, Wai Han who was there at the school dance session the other day, passed me some pictures that she managed to capture before her camera died and I found this one a pretty good shot where we were somewhat not so blurry, still managing to smile and in action on stage before we turned into dripping sweaty slabs of vibrating human meat with the students. Blargh!

Read about that HERE.

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