Thursday, October 09, 2008

Tauhu Goreng

Today's lunch was Tauhu Goreng! Very easy and simple to make.

What do you need for this?

4-6 large Tauhu squares *one per serving*
1 large cucumber *shredded into long strands*
4 large fresh red chili *sliced into long strands*
3 leaves of lettuce *shredded - not the usual but I had extra so just throw in*
2 handfuls of Taugay aka Beansprouts *around 20-30 cents worth*
5 mushrooms *not the usual but I love mushrooms*
6 hotdogs *sliced - not the usual also but I need a little meat in my dishes*

Crispy Fried Onions
Spicy Sambal Chili Sauce

Sauce: Satay Sauce *you can make this yourself by getting the satay mix from the dried goods store & adding 2 tables spoons of chunky peanut butter & 1 cup of water* I bought this one as seen below, it comes in small packs that cost around $1.20 per pack.

One pack makes enough sauce for 2 Tauhu servings.

Boil the taugay/mushrooms/sliced chili till cooked. Probably around 5 minutes. Remove & leave to cool.

Put the peanut satay mix into a pan with hot oil and stir around for around 1-2 minutes, add the peanut butter scoops and stir about for another 3-5 minutes. The mix turns into a paste when it starts heating up in the pan. Turn off the fire and add water a little at a time & stir till you achieve the consistency you want. Put aside.

Pat dry with a clean cloth each tauhu piece and deep fry each side of each tauhu square. The trick to not having oil splat all over the place when you're deep frying is to add a teaspoon of salt into the hot oil and stir about before putting in your food pieces and make sure your food isn't dripping with water!

When finished frying, place tauhu square on a plate, cut open and top with all the vegetables, garnishes and pour over satay peanut sauce and fried onions & serve!

Low carb friendly? YES! Definitely! Although you might want to take less peanut sauce. But this whole dish is good nonetheless! :) Enjoy! :)


uzyn said...

Yummy! You can cook very well!

Aka Pamela S. said...

Thanks for leaving me a message Uzyn! :) Yes I can. :)