Friday, October 31, 2008

And so we smiled once more...

Today was Rashidahs' last class at Cali... technically for this round of employment at least. And yes, I've calmed down and stopped crying like a baby already. Enough of having lychee eyes, swollen face and chest pains.

I head down to Novena to pass her some flowers.
Cotton stuff toy ones that would never die. I usually get her fresh flowers on occasion and holidays but just in case I don't get to pass her fresh ones as often as I'd like, cotton ones will have to do for now. And they're pretty cute too! How can anyone NOT give Rash flowers!? She's a woman goddammit! GUYS!! BLIND LARH U!!

So non swelling teary faces no more, we finally take some smiley shots after her final Street 101 class in hopeful anticipation of things to come.

The petition and appeal to bring her back so far has garnered around 77 signatures and more in the coming classes which I will be going tomorrow and by other students with the forms going from dance class to dance class. I suppose by next week, we would be able to collate all supporting documents and submit it to CF management for their reconsideration.

If it works, there will be many happy people at CF and we'll have her back! If it doesn't, I pray that Rash gets the BEST offer EVER from another place and we'll all move to join her there. Or even better! Start classes on her own! *Babe... seriously consider that... there would be alot of supporters!! seriously!*

So we took some group pictures... SMILE!! and then somemore... *sigh.. I love Rashidah... hahahha... in a girl-friend kind of way.. OKAY!* Here's wishing her the best of luck and get well soon Babe... poor gal has fallen sick with all this hoo-ha!! *pat pat*

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