Saturday, November 01, 2008

Noodles make me Sleepy..

After work today, we had noodles for dinner. And Yea.. noodles make me sleepy. Why? Bc its carbs! Carbs make you feel sleepy after eating.. AFS *after food syndrome* thats what you get drowsy when u've eaten.. more blood is drawn to your digestive system but its particularly more pronounced when you eat carbs. I'm beginning to really dislike having carbs because I don't like this half zombified feeling after eating. I don't get this when I'm eating low/no carb! BAH!

So whats in the dinner bowl? A pack of soupy vegetarian noodles - quite yummy. Has seaweed in it!, a bundle of green leafy vegetables, an egg cracked into the soup, some egg omelette and some minced meat patties. Voila! Throw everything into a pot, top with fried onions *love fried onions btw* and then DINNER! *burp* Carbs... BAH...

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