Sunday, November 23, 2008

Weightloss Update: 69kg

I'm now 69kg. 31kg down from 100kg and only another 14kg nearer to my goal!

While I don't have the energy to jump up and down right now and do the happy dance like I usually do each time I have a new weigh in. Believe me, I'm doing it in my head. Very hard to have a good picture for a visual update bc I'm feeling and looking ghastly and burning up. Maybe when I'm feeling better later this week. My mind says "YaY" but my body is now saying "AAAAARRRRRGGGhhhh".....*limp*

The past 4 days of being sick, but strangely eating alot nonetheless *everything has NO TASTE* and having back to back roadshow/event this past weekend has broken my plateau. I kinda knew it would because being sick usually does that to me and I've been waiting to break 70kg for weeks now.

The last update was HERE and that was on the 8th of October! That was so long ago but I can't blame anything or anyone either, my dance classes drastically dropped frequency as both my instructors went out of action at the same time and I didn't want to drag myself to go jogging like before which I will be doing so soon if either one of them don't return soon enough bc my evercise intensity and frequency is not enough. David is only coming back on the first week of December IF he's recovered sufficiently and IF he's up to resuming class by then and I have been carbing myself silly the past weeks. Bah....

I can only hope that this break is a sustainable break and that now I'm in my 60s or more so have hit 69kg.. that I can continue the drop till I reach my goal. But as CJ says, expect a plateau every 3kg or so so my next plateau... 65-66kg... but lets reach there first. :)

Whooppeee! *cheering in my slightly boiling cotton filled head with a nose running, ears blocked, body aching, throat itching, head throbbing. sneezing and coughing me* Bah.