Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Dumpling Noodles

Dinner today is Dumpling Noodles. It was a little more tedious than the usual dish even though the ingredients were simple.

Fried Dumplings. Whats needed? Enough for about 40 dumplings. Yea, I don't know how to cook small quantities larh!! Have always made "more food than necessary".

$5 Minced Pork
Half kg of Fresh Prawns *minced*
$1.50 worth of fresh Dumpling Skin *rounds*

Seasoned with the following:
Oyster Sauce
Soya Sauce
White Pepper
Chili Oil
Sesame Oil
Hua Tiao Jiu *Chinese Wine*
5 dashes of Paprika Powder

Other ingredients include:
3 big Fresh Red Chili *sliced*
1 pack of Kai Lan. *chopped in smaller sized pieces*
6 boiled eggs *sliced*

Mix pork & prawn well & dish a teaspoon of mixture into dumpling skins. When done, throw into hot oil and free each dumpling for about 3-5 minutes till golden brown.

I used the left over prawn heads from the prawns & boiled it with the water and soup base for the noodles. Removed the heads and put in the instant noodles. *Myojo Chicken* When noodles were cooked. I scooped them out dry into a separate bowl so they would not soak up the soup and become soggy.

With the boiling soup, I threw in the vegetables to blanche and used a "holey" ladel to blanche the sliced fresh chili and pull them out. What is "blanche"? It means to briefly plunge into boiling water & then thrown into cold/iced water to stop the cooking process. However, I didn't put it into cold water. I just scooped it out and put aside.

In another pot, boil the 6 eggs till hard boiled.

When everything is cooked, put everything together & serve. The meatball you see in the picture is just left over meat from the dumplings as I didn't have enough dumpling wrappers.

Voila! Dumpling Noodles!

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