Sunday, November 02, 2008

Prepared to be Annoyed!! Whatever!!~

Just the other day, I bumped into my sister, and her "boyfriend" John & his mom having dinner at the food court at Novena when I was there to check out Rashidah's last class. Seriously now though, John and Alex have been strange "he's my brother - she's my sister" friends for the longest time.. its time they get together already...everyones' just waiting.... *bored glazed stare at these 2*

And we all had a little banter and John's mom, who's filipina and is so wacky JUST LIKE MY MOM! just burst out with this little annoying exclamation which we found TOTALLY hilarious!

I'm sure my sister Alex and I will be using this alot and I used it at home when I got back and CJ found it so annoying! YESS!!! I love annoying him so now I get to say it once in a while and he can go AAAAARRRGHHHH!!! *rolls eyes*

Lauren used my phone and just recorded this for me.. hahhahaa!!

So add in a little eye rolling and a little "tsk tsk", put on your most DUH face and say this with me! *cough*



Joey said...

lol!! so cute!!

Aka Pamela S. said...

lol! amusing and annoying at the same time eh?