Thursday, November 20, 2008

Eirians' Graduation Dance

Eirian had her K2 graduation on the 15th of November. Finally, all my children are out of Pre-school stage and we are now all in Primary school stage. It was such a hectic day with back to back roadshows then running to the ceremony then sending Eirian off to Lauren's birthday dinner with my inlaws.

She was tasked to do the chinese fan dance this year. Only one dance segment and one finale as compared to having 2 dance segments in previous years.

Which one is Eirian? 2nd one with the white fan! :) Yayness!!.. thats the last K2 graduation I have to attend ever.. luckily we didn't agree to emcee this year's concert if not we would have really rushed like insane monkeys from one activity to the other that day. We emceed the concert last year and the rushing was MAAAD!

Next! P6 graduation in 4 years time for Lauren and P6 graduation for Eirian in 6 years time... and pre-teen woes... EEeeekks!! Phew! *wipes sweat bc I know time is going to fly by so fast! And we'll be dealing with all the sooner than we can say "period!"*

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