Monday, November 24, 2008

What sick people eat...

When sick, do as the sick do and... eat porridge to keep the digestive system light...

So I made fish slice porridge for all at home today. Complete with sliced century egg, stirfried Dou-miao veggies with garlic, blanched bak choy with oyster sauce and black bean minced pork with Tofu.

And we had green bean soup on the side too. I was apprehensive cooking today esp since my nose was blocked and I couldn't taste anything. But then again, I realised that I don't taste my food while cooking anyway so it should be alright and they all came out fine.

Dinner was good. I still am not. In fact, I'm a little worse now than before with a medium grade fever brewing, blocked ears - which is annoying me to hell. Anyone know how to unblock blocked ears? and the constant nose blowing is making me wonder how much mucus can really be up in my head! It just keeps on producing!! Arghh!!!

And to my Zumba/Rumba dance people who have been buzzing me all day today since I've missed classes since last week. Thank you for your concern lah..a little overwhelming can....I can so feel the luuurve.. hahaha... I miss u all too but I'm not gone. I'm just down & out.

-.-'' Darned flu bug caught me if you haven't already read but I'll be back up at class as soon as this flu decides to let up. :) My bones are getting creaky from not dancing for so many days already!! I need to move!! You pple will see me soon. :)

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petite fleur said...

Hope you're feeling much better by now. I can't help drooling over the century egg - my favorite & it has been suuuccchhh a long time since I last had one.