Thursday, November 20, 2008

Oh Fuck, Please Don't let me be Sick Now.

I don't know what happened or how it happened but there's a bug in me. I feel it. I don't get sick so easily and can go for months and months fit as a fiddle. But when it hits me, it hits me HARD.

I had minty nose all day. Minty nose is where u feel this tingly feeling in your nose and throat like somethings brewing up in there. I tried drinking more water to suppress or flush anything out.

The girls and I decided to go downstairs to the coffee shop to grab some dinner this evening and the strangest thing is that once we hit the ground floor. A whole host of symptoms SUDDENLY APPEARED. And I mean Suddenly.

My tummy started to hurt & cramp. My back started this increasingly throbbing ache. A wave of extreme exhaustion hit me and I had to sit down. I was dizzy, clammy and cold. An overwhelming nausea washed over me. Seriously wanted to throw up.

I could almost feel my face drain of blood and turn pale and Lauren kept on exclaiming "you're turning yellow! turning yellow!".

Oookay! Not helping!! Sshhh!! *grabbing onto Lauren and walking.. thank god for my children being big, strong and sturdy... they make good support when you need it.*

In between deep breaths, I checked in with them as usual "you know Daddy's number right?" They know that if anytime I get unconscious or in an accident that they would call their father. If they couldn't reach him, they'd call my sister in law and they know all the numbers to call too.

And incase you were wondering... NO! I'm NOT pregnant. I KNOW I'm not bc I'm on Day 2 of my cycle.

So after buying dinner, we made our way back home and I downed 2 panadols and an iron pill just to compensate for my "woman symptoms" and waited for CJ to come home from teaching class today.

And guess what? I started sneezing too! and my voice.. which is already somewhat lower pitched is now nasal... *fucks* Great. Just... great... oh.. and there it goes! My nose has started to drip... GAH!!

Of ALL TIMES, I CANNOT cannot be sick NOW. I have a fully packed weekend, a roadshow on Saturday morning. Ticketing in the evening. A Complete Movie Event on Sunday that involves almost 400 parents and children. So even if I want to die, I have to die on Monday.

Please... please don't let me be sick now. Not now. *heading off to be tucked into bed*

UPDATE: Yep. Fully blown flu with the exception of not having a fever. Which in a sense is a good thing bc my temp can shoot to 41.5 degrees when I do have a fever. Seen a Doctor already, taken meds and now in a semi-conscious state of DUH.


Our Story said...

Hope you'll feel better before the movie event. I'll be gng for the movie event with my boy. it's our first time, so excited. :)


Aka Pamela S. said...

wow! how did you find my blog? lol! i usually don't talk about work here.

Anyway, i'm sure he'll enjoy himself tomorrow. My crew n myself will ensure that everythings in place.

Come early!!

Our Story said...

I actually hv been ur silent reader. :) I also cant remember where i got ur link from.