Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Ben & Jerrys' VERMONSTER Eating Contest

Click on the above image to go to the Ben & Jerry's Website to check out details of this Contest on the 6th of December 08.

For a person whos watching her diet and insanely exercising, it would have come as a surprise that I would have so readily agreed to join a team for this Eating Contest... but but but... its' ICE CREAM LEHHH! Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream somemore.. SINFUL ARHH! Soo nice!!

So when Claudia buzzed me over MSN asking me if I was an ice-cream eater and invited me to join her team. I checked out the details online and WhoooT! .....

I am now part of Team "LADIES LICK-A-LOT!" which comprises of Claudia, Nadia, Yin and Me in the required team of 4.

Prizes? Well nothing too fantastic but how fun would it be shoving ur face with a bomb of an ice-cream serving in record time heh heh heh! THAT would be an experience... winners would get trophies, a Chunk Fest tee, B&J vouchers and a goodybag worth $200. I'm so in it for the vouchers, my girls WOULD love having ice-cream throughout this coming school holidays... heh heh!

So what does this Eating Contest entail? welll... the following...

Looking at the list of what we had to down and it sounds relatively simple.. about 5 scoops of ice-cream each.. okay.. easy enough.. 7 types of toppings and a brownie shared amongst all 4. Can larh! Now only to finish all that in RECORD TIME is another story... -.-''

I would be working out LIKE MAD at Dance class after this contest... FOR SURE...

Apparently there will be a shortlisting of teams, Claudia has registered the team and we're now waiting for the reply from B&J if we're in. Whoot! *Ice-Cream! Ice-Cream! Ice-Cream!!*

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