Sunday, November 23, 2008

Aren't these the cutest kids ever?

Okay.. I'm biased..esp since they're MY kids. I was flipping through my photobucket and I came across some babyish/toddler photos of both Lauren and Eirian. And I went "EEEEEEEEeeeee!! Soo cute!!" Now that they're so much older, I forget sometimes how cuddly wuddly they both were when they were younger.

Those 2 pictures up there are... Lauren of course! She had TONS of photographs in her first year that were labeled on a monthly basis! Imagine.. a WHOLE album each month. And it was not those small plastic kinds that they used to give free at the photo developing shop, it was those huge heavy stick on photo albums! -.-'' Must have been shutter crazy back then.

Then Eirian came along and then ZIP! Photos went down from enough to fill in a month to enough to fill in maybe 6 months if u're lucky. Pweee.... Eirian has so little photographs, its a little sad.

And Lauren back then in her Lil' Doctor's spectacles...

And Eirian with her gummy smile! Awwww... she just finished eating her mashed sweet potatoes and was feeling mighty happy. Sigh... so cute... now they're so big already.. kinda sad that I have to look back onto pictures to remember how small they once were but I guess its like that as the years pass?

Would I go back to having another and doing the baby thing again...? Not unless Hell Freezes Over... so I guess I'm quite happy where we are now. I'll just peek into their old pictures once in a while to muse at my little creations.

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