Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Russell Peters Live in Sg!

My friend and gym & makan buddy, Alex B. managed to book tickets for the sold out Russell Peters show - Red, White & Brown release last night when the tickets opened up last month.

*How I wish this pic was clearer than this... damn the taxi for being so dark! Hahahaha! Try again next time.. heh heh!*

It was a strange coincidence how Alex and I met. One day sometime back, this stranger named Alex added me on facebook. I rarely add strangers but I always give people the benefit of doubt incase my memory really failed me and I actually knew the person. And pleasantly, he gave me a decent proper response *finally!!* to his blank add to which I agreed to adding him to my account.

What happened after was bizarre, it lead to a series of uncanny similarities. Indeed a case of much less than 7 degrees of separation. In our conversations, we found to our amazement that we were both featured in the SAME MAGAZINE ARTICLE. Alex & his wife Carol were one of the other couples in the same feature. How weird a co-incidence is that?!

Then we realised that Carol took dance with me IN THE SAME dance classes! And that we all went to the same gym so we've all been working out together alot since then! Then we realised that we're exactly the same age so we had alot in common growing up - alot of topics to cover with that already as we reminisce childhood! Then being foodies we were, we all ate out together much to our waistlines revolting and the list goes on....and because we're all married couples, after getting to know Alex, I have a friend in Carol too! Very nice larh! *hugs these two, you cannot believe how sweet these 2 are...*

Anyway, we headed out to Russell Peters last night and had a really good laugh *very good for the mind & soul*. Russells' 3 night show sold out within the 2 days it was open for booking and I could see why. There were really some good new material he had come up with. It was a very pleasant evening too. We drowned ourselves in Carls Jnr Salsa with giant onion rings just before the show!! YUMMY!!

I was happily decked out in a frilly black tube corset top which I found was too large for me already..makes me look somewhat pregnant..bah!! Might want to sell it. This was paired with a pair of very nicely fitting *some freakingly expensive french brand can! - I balked when she told me how expensive it was* light blue jeans that Shelly gave me and boots.

I found in the course of trying on jeans to wear for the evening that I could FINALLY fit into a size 30 pair of jeans that I had put aside that someone had given to me before. I couldn't fit into it then and LO & behold...I now can. And it makes me a happy happy happy Chika!! From a size 40/44 jeans to 30... Phew!!~ Yayness!!

My ass is still huge though but WHATEVER... *putting up 6 fingers.. - refer to this post*

I'm still 70kg... I've been 70kg since I hit it last month... its obviously a plateau... but I'll wait patiently for it to break and still workout just as hard. I can only attribute being able to fit into new sizes now to gaining muscle mass... which would explain why no one believes I'm 70kg. All good anyhow.. all good.. :) Russell Peters IS DA MAN!! *cough... okay okay.. my sweetheart CJ is DA MAN... but.. anyway...errr.... moving on...cough cough*

RUSSELL Rocks!! Whooot!

I found one clip of Russell doing an old piece on a deaf girl. If you might be sensitive about this, don't watch it but I found it terribly hilarious!! Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Can see that Alex B. and you have a special relationship..
Your hubby not jealous? Or He also have a special relationship?

Aka Pamela S. said...

Hello Anonymous,

Sure, Alex and I are friends :) There's no reason for my hubby to be jealous. He trusts me and I have no reason to break that trust. :) And no he doesn't have a special relationship. Even if he does, why would it be any of your concern? LOL! I'm not concerned at all.

Its hard to find true friends and when we do, we hold them dear to us. Right?