Saturday, November 15, 2008

Survival of the Fittest - Tiger & 2 Men

In line with the latest saga over the Tiger Mauling at the Singapore Zoo, an associate and I exchanged some "tiger" related stories today, this one came up. I was highly amused and found it rather thought provoking.

As much as I do not put in work related/business related or ethic related matters on my blog as this place is more for the frivolities of my life. I find that I could relate to this story and wanted to share it here and I can't say I don't agree more. In this day, it is really the survival of the fittest.

To stay a step ahead to the best of your ability and to keep on striving to work towards being successful. While success may differ from person to person, I still feel that you need to persist, have determination and faith for you to reach your goals because nothing is easy.

It may sound selfish to think that this is true, many pple who have known me on a work related aspect know that I am quite different on the workfront as opposed to the gym - dance - mommy - friend - wife me that you'd see here.

Various experiences has made me somewhat the cynic that I am today. I'm suspicious and I'm wary. I filter and I select. Even the people around me are quickly sieved through in terms of various grades of acknowledgement which varies from those I'd keep around and those I'd regard as toxic waste and a waste of time.

Those that I'd keep dear, you would know who you are. Those that are toxic, they'd be lucky to get a few minutes of my time before I brush them off and move on and build my time more constructively.

Here's how it goes:

" Two men were being chased by a tiger in a jungle. When they lost sight of the tiger momentarily, one bent down stopped to tie his laces, the other asked him why he was doing that at this time...and how he intend to outrun the tiger if he stops to waste time tying his laces.

The first man replied that he did not have to out run the tiger. All he had to do was to outrun the second man."

The End.

So in short, analyse your circumstance, assess your threats & surrounding influences, check out the competition, simplify the situation, make necessary sacrifices and move on. What do you think?

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Joey said...

it sounds cruel.. BUT this is the fact, this is the truth... this is the world... and we have to face it...