Sunday, November 09, 2008

Reggae Dancing: Damn those girls are Hawt!

I'm going for Reggae class on Sunday and I'm praying that the instructor knows his choreography and that his music is good and that we'll be doing a hell of alot of booty shaking. Since Rash and David isn't around to bump me into booty shakin' hell like they usually do.. I haven't gotten my booty shaking fix in a while now! I want!!

How do you do a proper booty shake? Check out my post on that HERE!

Reggae is quite similar to Reggaetton *which I love to bits!* Its very ME. Anyone who's seen me move before knows thats its very me to move like that.. just that I want to LOOK LIKE THEM! Body wise.. damn!! LOOK AT THEIR ASSES AND LEGS!! I want! I want!! I want!!! *time to do more squats* WhooooTT!!

Don't click on this one if you're adversed to seeing too much ASS & flesh. No, seriously.. don't say I didn't warn u. I was moving from gasping in amazement and holding my breathe while Nina shook her booty.. Okay.. as Shelly says it, her dance routine is very in your face and vulgar. BUT.....WAH LAU EH! She's got a killer body can! Her thighs are SOO defined, Her ASS.. - really nothing to say but WHOAA!, her arms.. I want those arms.. and her body.. sigh.. DAMN girl! She's HAAAWT! *Contemplating.. now how do I get a body like that...?? *

UPDATE: Went for Reggae class today at Bugis. It was CF's first Reggae class. Toby, the instructor did up a routine with the song "Run the Show" by Kat DeLuna. Very Catchy and a really good track beat to dance to.. Good Song Choice I must say.

I would say though that what he did in class, even though there was a mixture of a little hiphop/jazz moves.. Its nothing that David has not done before in Rumba class. If anything, instead of Reggae class, David should introduce a COMPLETELY REGGAETTON class. Definitely a little more challenging. Alot more booty shaking and more exhilirating.

However, todays' class was still a good job well done. I'd take it if it was on schedule but I would still prefer Rumba/Reggaetton if it comes down to same time classes.

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