Saturday, November 08, 2008

Do the boobs really have to go?

Apparently so.. in my first phase of weightloss, I didn't lose any boob and was quite happy about the possibility that I would be a busty slim woman.. but nooooo... *sigh*

Before I started to get massively gorilla like at my 100kg size, I was a comfortable C cup. I then moved up as the weight came in to a D/DD cup. When I was breastfeeding my children, I had E cups. They were so massive, I was like an exotic dancer. All you needed were sparkly bra bells and I'd qualify as an exotic dancer from Club Whoohooo! Even I was scared.

Then I went on this weightloss journey and in my first 20kg loss and hit 80kg, I was still a D/DD cup depending on brand... but as I progressed downwards towards the next 10kg to hit 70kg where I am now. I've noticed a SUBSTANTIAL boob loss! Volume has dropped tremendously and I even had CJ do a manual boob test.. *grab his hand and cup boob, bounce about and press squeese to test the volume* and he agreed with a smirk.. they're now on the smaller side of an average C cup. AAArrgh!!!

KNN!! How can!! And I still have another 15kg to go.. I've never been a B cup before.. will I be a B cup girl? Do the boobs REALLY have to go?! Really!? I'm NOT mentally prepared to be a B cup woman. I doubt it will disappear to an A cup. If it does, I'm going to start eating again to get back some boob fat. *WAILS* They're not even filling my strapless DD cup bras anymore.. if I want those hills and valleys, I would need to resort to *horrors* PADDING to plump it up! ....fucks... this is so not fair. *wails again*

And another thing.. I can see my ribs. Other people can see my ribs. Imagine that.. RIBS! At 70kg! WTF. Not at the sides torso but at my chest! When I raise my arms up and down, you can see my chest skin running over my chest bones thats protruding out!! Seriously.. WTF... so does that mean if I lose the final 15kg, my skin will sink into my bones?! Ugly can!!

Argh!! Okay.. enough ranting.. and time for some toots. I know I'll be ranting about the boobies soon again though.. *peeks down at shirt... wails....sob & pout*

Anyway.. boobies aside.. I'm loving how my arms are toning out. They're still relatively flabby but slowly but surely, they're getting some tone which is totally excellent. I haven't been disciplined to working them out harder than I could but I'll take this one slowly. Working on the arms too also means working the shoulders and I'm LOVING the shoulders totally! Whooot! It makes going out in tube tops and tank tops look yummy!

On another fitness note. TOOT ALERT!! My stamina as observed this evening is fantastic larh!! The multiple dance classes and weight classes I do in a day on a weekly basis, one after another has certainly built up the stamina to a great degree which proved itself this evening.

Since there were no dance classes today particularly, with my 2 favourite & highly preferred instructors out of action. One out of action till.. heaven knows when.. I hope she'll be back. And another in London...and only back next Friday *wails* I decided to go back to pounding the pavement instead of hitting the gym today.

Donned in my running gear which hasn't seen the light of day for some months now, I'm usually in dance gear & shoes and not my running outfit of my Nike tracks, running shorts and sports wind breaker. Yeah.. I run with a sports jacket. I head down for the evening for my run. Did my stretches and began my run at a reasonable but constant pace. What pace? Well listen to one of my running tracks I wrote about earlier and check out the beat.

I went around my estate. 1 round = 1km. I kept very good pace so it would be a good fat burn session and before I knew it. I had hit the 6th round, sweating but not drowning in perspiration, and breathing deep but not gasping and panting! I could have very well gone for another 2-3 more rounds and still be fine!

It just so happened also that before I went down, CJ advised that I keep my pace constant throughout this evenings' run and not go beyond 6 rounds, even if I could hit 8-9 rounds. He really knows what he's talking about and knows me so well! I really had to resist going for more and heeding his advise in not over running. Like.."how the heck did he know I would have completed the 6 rounds so easily?"

Personally, I was amazed at how calm and comfortable I was at that stage. The lighter body really makes alot of difference too as I really had to push through my 4-6 rounds before to finish it. Much less try to go for more. *pat pat self* I'm tempted to start running more again like before esp for those days that I don't have a proper class. And when I say proper... well, if David is teaching.. fine. If.. Daniel is teaching.. fine. If Ayesha on a non stop class is teaching.. fine.. but anyone else.. ARGHH! Kill me and send me to heaven instead. Waste of time going there because I don't get the work out I need. If I don't step out of dance class either wailing out of exhaustion, gasping, wheezing and walking out dripping in sweat.. its not enough.

Okay.. thats it for my rant and toot for this evening.. *peeks down shirt again - WAILS....* Do they REALLY have to go?


Anonymous said...

Yup. Boobs will get smaller cos they are mostly fat cells. Think of the good health benefits - your back takes less stress (less weight in front), you lower your risk of cancer (less estrogen). They won't go down to A cup though.

Aka Pamela S. said...

Wail... damn! Now if only I could take some from my ass and plump up my chest.. wahahha!

Spank-A-Lot said...

The reason why girls lose boob when they attempt to lose weight thru exercise is because of the aerobic exercises. Any aerobic-like exercise which results in overall weight loss will naturally affect the boobs. Which is why alot of girls are now flocking towards pilates which enables them to target the areas that they want to lose. Or light weights, also help to target. :)