Friday, October 24, 2008

When Kittens get Nua....

My girls and I name all the felines that we come across that we have an affinity for around our residence. Particularly those who also take to us well. We've had a kitten named Booger - only because it had a black spot on its nose that looked like a booger, we've had a kitten named Patches because of its strangely shaped coloured patches on its fur that lived in the coffee shop just downstairs.

We came across a tabby striped kitten the other evening as seen above and it was so affectionate and trusting, we all fell in love with it immediately. *Ignore the aunties in the background, we were sitting around an area where they were gathered* Eirian kept on stuffing her peanut butter kaya bread to it and it kept on eating it while smacking its lips while holding the bread in its paws! SO CUTE CAN!!! Even in my arms, it just lay there and ate quietly. It ate quite abit to a point where it refused to open its mouth anymore much to my daughters dismay who kept on trying to stuff its mouth with more food.

I carried it and it went soft in my arms. It loved being carried! It snuggled in my arms and I flipped it over. How secure and trusting a cat is with you is when they expose their belly to you.

I flipped it over and it just lay there. I rubbed its belly and it just purred. I cuddled it close and listened to its soft vibrating "rrrrrrrrrrr" it was eminating. It also had a cute soft meow and reminded me so much of one of my old cats named Max. It didn't want to be put down!

We eventually put it down and it toddled into some bushes and my girls are now contemplating its name and we will christian her with her "new name" when we see her again next week. IF she's still around.

There is also another cat that we always see on a daily basis on our way to my daughters' school & back. A black adult cat with green eyes which we named Mister Meow. He recognises our voices from afar as we start meowing to him as soon as we spot a black spot in the side drain where he resides. He starts running to us meowing and literally THROWS himself onto us in happy greeting.

Mister Meow is one of the most affectionate strays we've known to date. He slides down and plops his fat body down on our feet in attempt to hold us in place. Rubs his face on our toes. Weaves in and out and about our legs and playfully swats strings and attempts to nibble at our slippers/shoes and when we chide him "No! Mister Meow! No!" and we tap his head he looks up at us with his mouth open and tongue hanging out. SO CUTE LAH!!!


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